Big arms

So, you are dying to have those massive big sexy arms? we have here 5 workout tips to build and grow arm muscles. These techniques where tested on our clients and many of them are well known techniques used since the Arnauld days. Let’s get started then.

1. Vary your grips

ez biceps curl

The width of the grip in your barbell curl is what defines which area or your biceps you work, the wider you go, the more stress you put on the outer biceps head, and the narrower you go the more stress you put on the inner biceps head.

We recommend to our clients to do both grips when working the biceps: two sets using a narrow shoulder width grip, and two sets using a wider grip.

2. Behind the body exercises

Incline Dumbbell Curl

Incline dumbbell curls are the most effective way to stretch the long head of the biceps out. In this incline position your arms move behind your torso, which stretches the long head, allowing it to contract with more force. Therefore, greater stress is placed on the biceps long head. This is important because the long head gives your arms better shape when viewed from the side and it forms the biceps peak that pops when someone asks you to flex.

3. Concentrate the stress

concentrate biceps

The concentration curl with a dumbbell is a great biceps exercise. Done correctly, it’s one of the best biceps exercises and really isolates the peak, giving height to the biceps.

We recommend doing drop sets of this exercise: going to failure, reducing the weight and going to failure again, all this one arm at a time.

4. Focus on the triceps

Big arms

Most people think that biceps are the biggest part of the arm, they couldn’t be more wrong. the Triceps muscles actually constitutes more than 60% of the arm muscles, while Biceps compose the remaining 40%.

When working your arms, don’t neglect the triceps, work it with the same consistency and volume you train your biceps to get the maximum volume in your arm.

5. Shock the muscle

shock the arm muscles

Don’t do the same exercises in the same reps, change it up, shock the muscle from time to time. Add various shocking techniques like drop sets, progressive overload, reverse pyramid …

We recommend the following technique: in your final exercise, whether it be Biceps or Triceps, do a first set with your heaviest weight until failure, reduce a little the weight and do reps until failure again, reduce the weight again and repeat the process until the lightest possible weight.


So here you have it, try to change things up and don’t let your muscles get comfortable. We gave you the tips, it’s up to you now to put on the work, go ahead and get a step closer into carving your warrior body.

If you have other techniques, share them with us in the comment section below, we would love to test them out.

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